The arguments for using BONPET automatic fire-extinguisher


  • Automatic usage in closed area. BONPET automatic fire-extinguisher (further on BONPET) starts to function when the temperature of the liquid on the ampoule reaches 90°C. BONPET has a high efficiency by extinguishing A, B, C and F types of fires as well as by fires caused by electronic devices.
  • Bonpet liquid filled in the 600 cm3 ampoule, taking out from its rack it can be used as a extinguishing grenade.
  • The extinguishing liquid mixed with water multiplicates the extinguishing efficiency of the water.
  • BONPET is aesthetic, satisfies all requirements of hotels and other institutions”s higher demands. It is made by japanese manufacturing technology and has strict quality control. It is an ISO qualification and slovenian product.
  • The installation is simple, necessary just 2 screws. Takes up small place.
  • It can work even in extreme weather conditions (from -23 °C to +80 °C) and operates reliably.
  • BONPET does not need to lay down a cabel so it is independent of any power or water pipe.
  • If BONPET is installed as a fire extinguisher system it does not need any maintenance, in comparaison with SPRINKLER System which regularly needs maintenance work by experts.   
  • In case of using by throwing it there is no need knowledge of fire-extinguishing, while the traditional equipments need. It can be used simply in case of panic situation.
  • It doesn”t cause damage in electrical systems, machines, BONPET may be installed for maintaining the safety of power stations with high-voltage (from 10 000 V to 60 000 V).
  • It is environment-friendly, it has no toxic effect on humans and other organisms and during its functioning, activating reduces the amount of oxygen just with 2-3% in the cumbustion chamber.
  • The special glass of the ampoule due to its material and specific heat treatment is broken into pieces without edges, that is why it doesn”t cause injury.
  • There is no opportunity for failure, its warrant time is 10 years. BONPET offers security against starting firs for 10 years. If one calculate the cost of the security which BONPET offers for 10 years by high efficiency – what the TRIGLAV Insurance Company risk acceptance” level confirms as well – BONPET is the less expensive automatic fire extinguisher (about 1 €/month).   
  • Using the traditional extinguishers the damages caused by extinguishing are often more serious than the damages caused by the fire itself.  BONPET doesn”t cause secondary damages.           
  • The remnants of the extinguishing can be used as communal wast.