Studies and tests have shown that the design and installation of fire ampoule Bonpet, the following:


  • Always attach the ampoule (envisage the installation location) in the dedicated carriers.
  • Ampoule should always be on the wall in a horizontal position. It is necessary to note the position of the grooves (ampoule should be stuck to the top) and the distance from ceiling (10 cm). Maximum ceiling height for installation is 2.5 m.
  • Ampoules, the number that is determined by the size of the room, placed near potential sources of ignition and above any heating devices or. electrical appliances. In order to reliably extinguished volume count 8m3 (general instructions). In directing the operation of the extinguishing spray that occurs upon activation of the ampoule, and the effect can be optimal even in a small number of built-in ampoules according to the volume of the space to be protected by an automatic extinguishing agent Bonpet.
  • For the method of throwing is necessary ampoule placed in a manner that may be detachable from the carrier and at the same time protected from possible damage.
  • The temperature of the space in which the ampoule is fitted, should not be lower than -23 ° C, as to prevent freezing of the liquid.

To calculate the required number of ampoules use efficiency diagram (see: operation). When setting up is certainly necessary to consider the overlap, so that the protection against fire extinguishing media covers potential focus in its entirety.In addition to the primary extinction of fire shall also provide protection against re-ignition.


As a guideline to properly place the number of ampoules in a specific area in terms of its importance as upon the following empirical rules:

  • HOTEL SECURITY: Guest room: 1 piece / 4 m2, one additional piece of handy kitchen Corridors: 1 piece every 2 current meter Cuisines a: 1 piece in each ventilating (hood) and some additional risk in the individual areas (notably where larger quantities of food grease and these are chefs usually near an open flame
  • Clinics and hospitals: In modern clinics and hospitals are visible sprays (sprinklers) and their mandatory installation in older buildings is quite a challenge, can present a huge financial burden for the investor. In such cases, we present an optimal solution Bonpet: Smaller departments: 1 piece / 4 m2, Large sections: 2 pcs / 4 m2, Hall: 1 piece every 2 current meters, Staff rooms: 1 piece / 4 m2 Kitchen: 1 piece / 4 m2, 1 piece in each passage, extra protection around the kitchen,boiler room: 2 pcs / 4 m2, Fuel depot: 2 pcs / 4 m2, 1-2 pieces of the fuel tank
  • In the NAVIGATION SYSTEM: In Japan, Bonpet mandatory for every small vessel, regardless of whether it is a fishing boat or a yacht vacation. As the main protection is installed in the engine room of vessels. Only these are, in fact, deliberately called “Bonpet space.” Bonpet with highly effective fire on electrical installations and fire fuels and oils are most appropriate for such spaces. Number of ampoules should be carefully considered and planned. In the case of fires caused by electrical appliances, we must remember that Bonpet acts as a spray that does not cause electric sparks and short circuits on the appliances. She is also an ideal replacement for water dispenser (sprinkerje) on large ships: Transmission: 1-2 pieces / 4 m2, depending on the size of the room, Engine: 1-2 pcs / m2 4 Small engine: 2-6 pieces, depending on size engine type (gasoline / diesel) Cockpit: 1 piece / 8 m2. Number Increase the emphasis on ventilation and drafts.
  • APARTMENTS AND HOUSES: Kitchen: 1-2 pieces / 4 m2, smaller hood: 1 piece for the standard stove (4 plates), Greater hood: 2 pieces of stove over 4 plates, boiler room : 1 piece / 4 m2. 1 piece of the fuel tank, Living room: 1 piece / 4 m2. 1 piece above the fire risk places such as: fireplace, gas or paraffin lamp, electrical appliances that emit heat (radiators, fan …), etc.., Storeroom: 1 piece / 4 m2, one additional piece of every potential focal Fuel storage: 2 piece / 4 m2, loft: 1 piece / 4 m2, Stairways: 1 piece every floor, vertical shafts: 1 piece every floor, horizontal wells: one piece per 4-8 m2 floor area
  • PREMISES: Computer room : pcs / 4 m2, one additional piece of every potential focal Guest room: 1 piece / 4 m2,Kitchenette : 1 piece / 4 m2, aerator / hood  – 1 pc above the cooker, boiler room: 2 piece / 4 m2, small warehouse: 1 piece / 4 m2
  • INDUSTRIAL SECURITY AND LABORATORIES: Large enclosed spaces in terms of fire quite similar open space in a measure of spread and fire-fighting. Bonpet for large areas, it is not as efficient as in small confined spaces. Therefore predict a greater number of ampoules. The basic data are: fume hood: 1 piece for the standard cabinet., laboratory countertops : * 1-2 pcs / 4 m2, the area under the 2×2 m and 2.5 m ceiling height: ** 1 piece / 4 m2 area of 2×2 m and below 10×5 m, ceiling height of 2.5 m: ** 2 pcs / 4 m2 area of 10×5 m and below 20×10 m, ceiling height of 2.5 m: ** 3 pcs / 4 m2, Paintshop: 1 piece / 4 m2 drying tunnel: 1 piece / 4 m2, fillers aerosols: 1 piece / 4 m2
  • Shop: Textiles: 1 piece / 4 m2, paper: 1 piece / 4 m2, Kiosks: 1 piece / 4 m2 * – additional to throw into the fire 1-2 pcs in each laboratory, ** – in laboratory premises is necessary clearance spaces 3 m
  • TRANSPORT – VEHICLES: Trucks and trailers (cargo space metal construction): 2 – 4 pieces Trailers: 2 – 4 pieces Passenger vehicles: 2 – 4 pieces for buses (fire method of throwing). By standardizing Bonpet ampoules, which represent an alternative stable system and supplements prescribed for initial extinguishing agent (powder extinguishers) – required significantly lower installation and maintenance costs – inspection or restoration of ampoules (50%) for every five (5) years, Rail Wagons: 1 piece / 4 m2, Military Vehicle: Cab: 1 piece, part of Transport: 1 piece / 4 m2


  • fire ampoules can be upgraded switch for activating the fire alarm at the fire headquarters,
  • ampoule Bonpet may be protected by a safety net that prevents damage to the glass,
  • shoulder bag for storing vials if it carries with it the security guard at the longer rounds.