Way of using

Way of using of BONPET:


  • automatic fire extiguishing
  • direct using as an extinguisher (mobil extinguishing)
  • dilution with water


1./   Automatic fire extinguishing


The characteristic way  of using BONPET:

The BONPET is installed with the attached rack in the place needs defence. When the fire breaks out it heating the BONPET 90 C°, and the components of the chemical liquid burst the special glass of the container and the fire extinguishing liquid is sprinkled into the fire through the flame. 

It formes coating on the surface of the firing material for a short time then dissolves. Because of the dissolving reduces the heat in the ground of burning (hőt von el az égéstérből) and the dissolved fire extinguishing material – in the course of chemolysis and transformation procession – reduces the amount of oxygén with 2-3% in the combustion chamber and then breaks off the chain reaction of the burning with anticatalystic processions. 

Because of the conjugated effects above mentioned the BONPET extinguishes the fire extremly fast (even within seconds).

Because of the little deoxygenation the humans and living beings are not hurt.


2./   Direct using of BONPET as fire extinguishing grenade (mobile extinguishing)

Sometimes it happens that the fire breaks out not in the area protected by the BONPET. Taking out the ampoule from its rack and throwing into or near the fire it exerts its fire extinguishing effect inmediately. In this case it does not lose its fire extinguishing ability and effectiveness but the intervention is faster.

Where the place of origin of the fire can be hardly defined in advance and fast fire spreading can be expected, it is possible to prepare for this case by setting BONPET ampoules in containers for mobile extinguishing aims.


3./   Dilution of BONPET with water

If we mix the chemical liquid of BONPET with a bucket of water (10-12l) we will get such a mixture which multiplicates  the effect of the extinguishing compared with the extinguishing with normal water. This fact is clearly supported by scientific investigations and practical experiences.

The water-mixed chemical solution keeps its effectiveness +for 24 hours after breaking the ampoule.