BONPET automatic fire extinguisher ampoule
Price: 42 500 HUF + VAT
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  • Automatic functioning
  • Can be used in closed rooms / areas
  • Easy installation
  • 10 year lifespan
  • No maintenance costs
  • Effective against A, B, C, F class fires, even against ELECTRIC fires in automatic mode
  • Not harmful to humans or the environment (halon free)
  • Can be used as extinguisher grenade
  • Made in Slovenia based on Japanese technology

Size: 300 mm x 90 mm x 60 mm· 
Weight: 1030 gr.
Capacity: A closed ampoule contains 600 ml extinguishing liquid


The purpose of  BONPET fire ampoules: The BONPET ampoules are made for protecting smaller, closed rooms from initial fires. It is designed to prevent fires in rooms with fire sources (for example: electronic equipments) which are often left without human supervision during their functioning. The application of the ampoules  are necessary in all hardly accessible areas or where the opening of a door would only stimulate a fire. It is irreplaceable where a possible firedamp explosion (?) can happen because after this a fast spreading fire follows.

Installing an apoule is recommended because of the following characteristics: automatic functioning, so it is effective against initial fires, meaning the protection of human lives and material goods; can be installed in households, industrial facilities, offices, boats, etc.;  there are no false alarms, since it only activates when the room’s temperature rises; the ampoule is effective as well when thrown in a fire pit, this method is easily applicable in panic situations and changed states of mind; aesthetic looks, does not cause more damage during the extinguishing because the leftover liquid can be cleaned with ease; the liquid is environmentally friendly (does not cause damage neither in the human body, nor in the environment).

Lifespan: Long lifespan (10 years); No need for maintenance (only have to pay attention to no to damage the glass); Easy installation and dismantling.

Security: The Revisionary Laboratory of Building Acts in Slovenia has examined the ampoules (P 653/99-530-2: extinguishing kitchen fires, P 651/99-530-1: extinguishing fires caused by flammable liquids).

The COMPLIANCE DECLARATION regarding the ampoules was filled out by the Slovenian National Defense Department’s Civil Defense and Rescue Directorate based on the 2001. URSZR GS 01 02 01 00 technical licence.

Colour: The ampoule is available in 4 colour variations. At a greater amount of order, by arrangement other colour variations can be delivered as well.