Extinguisher Grenade

The Bonpet grenade were designed to extinguish initial fires in small, closed areas.


Usage and characteristics: The grenade is thrown into the fire. It is a very effective extinguisher equipment, it stops the fire within a very short time. The liquid does no secondary damage when it evaporates.


Advantage: long lifespan (5 years), no need for maintenance

Security: It was tested in Slovenia, Ljubljana in a technical school (P 653/99-530-2: oil-fire in kitchen, 651/99-530-1 P: fire by flammable liquids). The Slovenian National Defense Department’s Civil Defense and Rescue Directorate’s 2001 URSZR GS 01 02 01 00. technical licence approves of the grenade’s efficiency.


Size: 197 mm x 60 mm (diameter)


Weight, content: 700g, the closed plastic ampoule contains 500 ml extinguisher liquid


Colours: white and red


Material: PVC


Does no harm to human body or the environment!