Installation of POULE BONPET


The speciality of the device (beside the effectiveness and ABCF extinguishing ability) is in the automatic extinguishing ability. First of all it is unique in extinguishing of local fires without human intervention. These advantages can be reached only by suitable setting.

Standards for installation of fire ampoules Bonpet:


  • A-class fire: the volume of 8m3 or 4m2 surface of the enclosure
  • B-class fire: 44×44 cm flammable liquid burning area ampoule is stuck in the bracket, which is pre-installed with the bolt of a potential source of fire, wall, ceiling, and a computer cabinet, control cabinet with main fuse, compensatory omare.Takšno installation allows that the liquid in the ampoule rapidly reach the activation temperature.

Examples of installing ampoules in households:

  • under the hood, boiler: oil burners of the stove or in the case of solid fuels.

Examples of installing ampoules in business :

  • Kitchen: a kitchen above the stove, the kitchen in restaurants under the hood to areas deep fryer, stove and grill plates,
  • continued functioning computers: in the above cabinet or on the wall above them, if they are outside cabinets, electrical appliances and machines in places where there is no guaranteed permanent human presence,
  • electrical cabinets and compensation: the cabinets above
  • boiler room above the burners,
  • laboratory fume cupboards,
  • paint shop,
  • installation shafts,
  • lower (especially convenient) storage of flammable liquids,
  • engine cranes,
  • aggregates for replacement electricity
  • archives
  • Vacation home (kitchen, boiler room, termoakumolacijske furnace, etc.).
  • for use by throwing: at security or. emergency service, fire department, and the fire risk locations with more permanent presence of people.

Examples of installing ampoules in marine :

  • spaces with engines
  • kitchen.

Expert advice: It is provided by our experts, who were acquainted with ampoules in testing fire fighting various materials and can assist you in determining the locations of ampoules Bonpet of your choice and made ??a school user, you can also arrange for professional installation ampoules.